Zain Farooqi

Chairman and Executive Producer

Zain Farooqi is a successful entrepreneur, and producer based out of the United States.

Farooqi is an expert entrepreneur with an immense amount of experience in creating startups, as well as revamping existing companies.

Zain has an eye for detail and ensures that the business is always at par with today’s technologies and trends. In the business he is attentive, alert, and well balanced with an eye for success.

Zain revolves his perspectives towards a direction of growth, and only growth. He knows how to take care of things from a tender point to completion. Zain is a focused and dedicated individual that makes sure he is steps ahead and well prepared at all times.

His active demeanor makes sure every project he gets involved in becomes a success. Not only is Zain, a successful entrepreneur he is highly intellectual. He has always been at the top of his class throughout his academic career, and holds a degree in accounting and finance graduating Magna cum laude of his class from The University of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Zain Farooqi, is the Chairman and Executive Producer of Zashko Entertainment (ZSK), a media production company. He started his career in entertainment in 2004, providing jukeboxes, video advertising terminals in retail stores, gas pump advertising screens, and other entertainment related products to the retail, gas and c-store markets.

By 2010, Zain was involved in creating 3D gaming content using flash and unity. Zain expanded this companies business to include development of apps, content, and other software related products.

In 2014 Zain’s company Zashko Entertainment (ZSK), acquired top of the line motion picture filming equipment. Zashko Entertainment initially started with making corporate videos, ad films, and etc. Finally taking a leap into the film making business in 2016.

Zashko stared the filming of its first feature film Na Band Na Baraati in August 2016.